Health & Wellbeing

Hundreds of people are killed or seriously harmed at work every year. This is not right.

Our Approach

FEFO Consulting has multidisciplinary team to apply global evidence & research informed practices into practical mental health & wellbeing programs for our clients.

Our FEFO team actively listens, takes a risk-based approach and undertakes psychosocial analysis in order to build a deep understanding of your organisations mental health & wellbeing risk profile. This approach enables us to assist organisations to make informed decisions and create targeted solutions.

Refer to our Case Study Success Story

Our Solution

Our solutions are tailored to risk profiles of each organisation. People, objective data and research are at the forefront of every unique program we develop and deliver.  Because our solutions are tailored, we get traction and make a sustainable difference!

We have designed a multi-faceted assessment methodology using proven research and a risk-based approach.  This includes an assessment across 17 psychosocial risk factors to evaluate job demands, job resources and worker outcomes. This approach is supported by a research informed Psychosocial Diagnostic (Dx) survey.

For more information on our reliable survey options refer to the Health and Safety Index Diagnostic Dx tools.

Our Experience

We have worked with global mining companies, transport, manufacturing & major government departments to deliver transformational mental health and wellbeing programs. Our flexible approach enables us to work across all industries and can be tailored to meet your needs.

We have a genuine interest in helping others strive for excellence and provide a psychologically safe workplace for all employees.

Our Commitment

FEFO Consulting has a genuine interest in preventing harm. To show this commitment, we will donate 100% of our profit when working with mental health charities. This includes our strategic partnership with Gotcha4Life to measure their impact and prevent suicide.

Additional Psychosocial Information

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