Psychosocial Risk Webinar Series

4-Part Webinar Series

Psychosocial Risk

FEFO Consulting collaborated with several partners to deliver a 4-part webinar series of psychosocial risk. These webinars outlined options to identify psychosocial hazards and manage associated risks.

Our expert facilitators provide insights into Health and Safety Index benchmark results, industry trends and a range of psychosocial resources.

4-Part webinar series:

  • ISO 45003 vs Model Code of Practice – Getting started: 19 Oct
  • Change Management – Managing Psychosocial Risks: 26 Oct
  • Mental Fitness – Opening up Conversations: 9 Nov
  • HR vs Safety – Psychosocial Ownership: 16 Nov

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1. ISO 45003 vs Model Code of Practice

This webinar is part 1 of 4 and outlines the key differences between the following publications:

ISO 45003International standard for managing psychosocial risk at work; and

SafeWork AustraliaModel Code of Practice on managing psychosocial hazards at work (Code of Practice).

Key takeaways:
• What are psychosocial factors?
• How to get started?
• Useful resources to help manage psychosocial risks.

Psychosocial Risk: Strategic vs Operational
1.2 Psychosocial Risk – Where to Start?

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For a comprehensive list of psychosocial factors, refer to our Download comparison of ISO 45003 vs SafeWork Model Code of Practice.

For a simple factsheet on ‘How to Complete a Psychosocial Risk Assessment‘ click on the Download button below.

2. Change Managing and Pyschosocial Risk

This is part 2 of 4 of a psychosocial webinar series in partnership with change management experts Levant Consulting. Research has shown that initiatives implemented with effective change management activities are six times more likely to succeed. This webinar will outline highlight why the management of change is important and tips to successfully management transformational change.  

Key takeaways:

• Why is change important? 

Health and Safety Index change management benchmark results 

• Planning a successful change transformation and taking a human centred approach. 

Health and Safety Index Bechmark Data: Change Management
Levant Consulting: Change Management Experts

For a detailed comparison, press the download button to receive a copy of our Psychosocial Hazard Factsheet: ISO 45003 vs Code of Practice.

3. Mental Fitness

This is part 3 of 4 of psychosocial webinar series in partnership with Gotcha4Life.

Key takeaways:

Be Brave – Ask for help
Gotcha4Life: Working on our Emotional Muscle

4. HR vs Safety

This is part 4 of 4 of psychosocial webinar series in partnership with Hull Consulting. This webinar will outline risk management principles and options when assigning ownership and managing psychosocial factors.

Key takeaways:

Current State in our Workplaces
Safety & HR Partnership

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