Why Risk & Assurance?

FEFO Consulting are experts in helping organisations understand risks to support compliance and effective decision making. We also help organisations, teams and individuals manage risks, create clear strategic objectives, support deployment and effective verification of controls.

Contractor Management

We provide expert advice across the end-to-end lifecycle of contractors and suppliers. We look beyond basic compliance and help add value to your supply chain with systems, culture and innovation.
Our services help improve the management of Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) for both source to contract (S2C) and procure to pay (P2P), e.g.

  • Selection: HSE in tenders, selection and contracts
  • Engagement: Pre-qualification reviews
  • Mobilisation: Inductions
  • Management: Training, risk reviews and workshops
  • Review, Learn & Improve: Assurance, audits and other monitoring activity.

FEFO Consulting were engaged by Boral to assist with contractor management across their national operations.

To access our ‘6 Steps to Contractor Safety’, click on the download guide button here:

Critical Control Management

Critical control management enables organisations to better allocate resources. Targeting the critical few assist boards, senior management and frontline operations to truly understand priorities and verify critical controls are effective.

Refer to our ‘Success Stories’ to understand how we can help you ensure major hazards and fatal critical controls are effective.

We provide an online assessment to understand your current vs desired state.

The assessment is complimented with a self-directed CCM Workbook that provides methods to identify critical controls, mapping tools, bow-tie risk analysis templates and checklists to assist with effectively implementing CCM. Content includes:

  1. Methods to understand current vs desired state
  2. Material Unwanted Event and critical control identification
  3. Performance Standards & Capability
  4. Verification & Evaluation
  5. Review, Learn & Improve

Our CCM Workbbok can also used to help gather requirements as part of broader software deployments.

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Are your critical controls effective?

To access our ‘5 Step Guide to Critical Risk Management’, click on the download guide button here:


FEFO Consulting have an expert team of consultants available across Australia and New Zealand to provide independent audit activities. Our fresh set of eyes helps ensure business risk, property and Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) controls are in place and effective, e.g.

  • Management system audits
  • Construction and legal compliance audits
  • Major hazard and high risk activity audits.

We also provide expert advice on both proactive and reactive assurance activities, e.g.

  • Director & Officer due diligence
  • HSE performance reporting
  • Incident investigations.

FEFO were engaged by Skout Solutions to conduct audits across their Aus & NZ Operations.


Risk & Assurance

  • Business Risk & Due Diligence
  • Critical Control Management
  • Property & Plant Risk
  • Contractor Management
  • Incident Investigations
  • Audit & Assurance

Health & Wellbeing

  • Organisational Psychosocial Risk Assessments
  • Health & Wellbeing Strategy
  • Team & Job Design
  • Systems and Processes
  • Training and Capability
  • Psychosocial Investigations

Safety & Environment

  • Management Systems & Assurance
  • Engagement & Culture Reviews
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Safety in Design (SiD)
  • Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
  • Software Deployment
  • Event Safety

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