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We’re excited to enter into a partnership with Australia-based VR specialists, Next World to offer the future of safety training in VR!

Next World is a Virtual Reality (VR) training ecosystem that has developed the world’s first VR Learning Management System (LMS) containing an extensive library of ready-to-go VR training. Next World’s LMS is designed around the unique power of VR, combining game-changing eye tracking technology with immersive, memorable training realities.

With Next World’s platform, trainers can easily identify knowledge gaps and trends across their organisation, and deploy scheduled training with ease. Next World’s dynamic VR training solutions help induct, train and up-skill employees safely and effectively by recreating situational risks, hazards and consequences of poor safety. With the power of VR, this is achieved without putting the learner in any real danger; creating a powerful emotional connection to why safety training is so important. Critically, Next World’s VR solution works out of the box, with best-in-class wireless VR hardware and user-friendly remote management.

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With technology evolving faster than ever before, Next World VR gives an innovative edge to optimise your business to differentiate and help improve growth. Having a brand that is perceived as innovative attracts new clients by staying ahead of the competition. VR is a new an innovative way for people to learn effectively and efficiently.

Reduce Costs

Virtual Reality training is also a cost-effective training solution allowing learners to access training remotely, significantly reducing travel and accommodation costs. Although VR requires a greater investment than e-learning, VR is proven successful in assisting to decrease re-work costs and create improvements in the productivity of employees. Next World’s ROI cost calculator will determine the cost savings associated with our VR, potentially leading to a 40% reduction in costs.

Information Retention

Next World Virtual Reality training provides the ability to learn in an immersive, low-stress environment, giving employees the ability to actually apply the learning on the job. Studies found that if new information from training isn’t applied, employees forget about 75% of it after just six days. Next World VR is perfect for blended learning processes to boost employee’s knowledge retention and engagement. 

Speed of Learning

Employees conducting Next World virtual reality training courses can be trained 4x faster than the classroom. What would take 2 hours to learn in a classroom, can be learned in only 30 minutes using virtual reality training. This is a massive ROI, allowing for more information to be retained in a shorter amount of time. Although there may be extra time needed for first time learners to review and be taught use of the headset, VR learners still complete training three times faster than classroom learners.


Today learners become quite distracted and overwhelmed while training in the workplace, with smartphones being the leading cause of distraction. However, Next World VR training allows for users to be significantly less distracted as they are fully immersed in the experience, with no interruptions resulting in improved focus and productivity. ​


The ROI of Virtual Reality training is significant for an increasing number of organisations as well as individuals. Virtual Reality has now developed enough that organisations shouldn’t be asking how much it would cost to implement VR, but how much it is costing you not using the technology.


When you enter into an agreement, you get unlimited access to the entire course library, for as many people as you require, per VR set (1 x Pico Neo 3 Pro VR Headset and x2 controllers).

  1. Decide on the number of headsets you require
  2. Enter into a 12-month subscription plan
  3. Headset(s) are despatched within the week
  4. You can commence training as soon as they arrive!


Q. Can I pause the VR experience while training?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I use my own headset on the platform?
A. The training can only be delivered on the Pico Neo 3 Pro. Options are available for custom building to suit your systems- contact us to discuss

Q. Can people who wear glasses, use VR headsets?
A. Yes!

Q. Can the courses be customised with our company logo, branding and other details?
A. Yes! Let’s chat about pricing

Q. How long do the learning experiences take?
A. The average time is 20-25 minutes

Q. How many learning experiences are included in the subscription?
A. The subscriptions allow unlimited users, and unlimited access to the entire library of courses

Q. Do users need to be connected to the internet to access the training?
A. No! However wifi will be needed to download the latest training, updates training stats, etc., in the LMS

Q. Does the headset come with cleaning products?
A. The packages are shipped with complimentary protectors and cleaning wipes. We will also provide a list of safe VR cleaning options for ongoing use

Q. Can this course be contextualized to align with our company policies and processes?
A. Absolutely! All of our courses can be. But…. any change we make, must not compromise the integrity of our processes taught

Q. How long is the battery life on the VR headset?
A. Approximately 2.5 hours

Q. How often are new training courses developed?
A. On average, once per month

Q. What are the subscription terms?
A. All packages are based on a 12-month subscription. A trial license is available to purchase as well (3 months)

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