Safety & Environment

We build fit for purpose systems and high performance cultures

Management Systems

FEFO Consulting has extensive experience in developing, evaluating and auditing health, safety, environmental and quality management systems. This includes ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001 and Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) requirement.

Safety Leadership & Culture 

FEFO Consulting specialise in helping organisations assess, focus and improve their approach to building high-performance cultures with targeted safety interventions, e.g.

  • Measure: Assessing current State through leadership reviews, engagement surveys and focus groups
  • Focus: Understand focus areas via facilitated workshops and operational site visits. Leverage strengths to build team and leadership capability.
  • Act: Empower personal commitment, self-directed learning, and long-term methods to sustain improvement.

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Safety in Design

We help manage design safety related risks for construction buildings, structures and major infrastructure across the entire asset lifecycle. FEFO Consulting partner with architects, builders and commissioners of construction work early in the design process to save time, money and effectively manage risks. 

Recent Safety in Design Projects

Darwin Landbridge Luxury Hotel and Skywalk

Sydney Fish Markets
in partnership with Safe Design Australia

“Mark and his team did an excellent job of coordinating the Safety in Design process for the new Sydney Fish Market project.

Mark guided a large, diverse group of experts and stakeholders through a logical and thorough SiD review ….to progress the design while meeting our SiD obligations.” 

Greg Lin, Director of Develop, Infrastructure NSW 

Chain of Responsibility and Heavy Vehicle National Laws

FEFO Consulting help organisations simplify and manage Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Heavy Vehicle National Law obligations. We take a risk based approach to focus on your areas of influence and ensure controls are effective. Some of our services include:

  • Due Diligence: Director & Officer obligations
  • Operational Controls: Advice on speed, fatigue, mass and vehicle standards
  • Management Systems: Procedures, contractor management and training
  • Audits and assurance: Gap analysis, compliance audits and performance monitoring.

Software Deployment

Using our deep health and safety expertise, FEFO translate tech talk into practical solutions.

We do this by working with organisations to help identify requirements, configure and deploy safety software solutions of their choice.

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Deploying Health & Safety Software


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