Mental Health & Wellbeing in Mining

FEFO Consulting was engaged by a Global Mining organisation to develop an industry leading mental health & wellbeing program.

We applied a research risk-based approach to help assess, focus and improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes.


High Risk Workforce with a History of Traumatic Events

The workforce was considered high risk due the sedentary nature of work, demographic profile and a history of traumatic events. Senior leaders were highly engaged recognising they needed assistance to better understand the organisational mental health risk profile. This would then allow them to make informed risk-based decisions.


Proven Research and Risk-Based Approach

FEFO Consulting applied a multi-faceted assessment methodology including assessing 17 psychosocial risk factors to evaluate job demands, job resources and worker outcomes.


Tailored Approach to Target Focus Areas

As result, FEFO Consulting helped the organisation build a clear foundational understanding of their unique risk profile to target specific areas of focus, e.g. traumatic exposures, support networks, group conflict, sleep and job design.

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