January News: Shifting from Compliance to High Performance & How to Complete a Psychosocial Risk Assessment

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Psychosocial Risk

FEFO Consulting collaborated with several partners to deliver a 4-part webinar series of psychosocial risk. These webinars outlined options to identify psychosocial hazards and manage associated risks.

Our expert facilitators provide insights into Health and Safety Index benchmark results, industry trends and a range of psychosocial resources.

This webinar is part 1 of 4 and outlines the key differences between ISO 45003 and   SafeWorkAustralia:Model Code of Practice.

For a summary of video content, refer to our blog   psychosocial risk webinar series.

To download  the factsheet “How to complete a Psychosocial Risk Assessment”, click the button below


Verification of Competency (VoC)

Terry Swanton will leading an online training course on Verification of Competency (VoC) fundamental requirements, myths, failures and methods to build high-performance on 31 Jan 2023.

Terry will be sharing learning on:

  • Material risk
  • VoC Facts vs Myths
  • Verifying Competency vs Critical Controls
  • Compliance vs enabling High-Performance

To download the factsheet “VoC: Shifting from Compliance to High-Performance”, click the button below

To register for this training click here.

To read more about VoC, refer to our recent Blog click here.

Chain of Responsibility Funding $4M

CoR Funding $4M

FEFO Consulting  was recently published in the Institute of Quarrying (IQA) Quarry magazine outlining Chain of Responsibility (CoR) tips. This article focused on ‘Turning Threats into Opportunities’ shifting mindsets from being Compliance focused to effective Leadership.

This CoR article also provides a link to the  Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) funding for over $4 million supporting new project to deliver a safer heavy vehicle. Submission close 20 February 2023.

To access this CoR article click here.

Our Social Impact Goals 2023

Our Social Impact Goals 2023

FEFO Consulting is a purpose driven advisory firm. This year we have set ourselves a goal of sponsoring 12 young girls and boys through Plan International. Our sponsorship aims to support their education and to become self-sufficient. If you would also like to get involved click here to donate!

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

FEFO Consulting’s Senior Leadership Team kicked off 2023 with our first strategy session of 2023 and aligned on our metrics that matter.

Firstly, our Senior Leadership Team grew in 2022 and were excited for 2023 and partnering with you. Come meet our Team;

  • Mark Wright – Managing Director,
  • Terry Swanton – Director,
  • Rebecca Crompton – Director and
  • Rachel Fitzgerald – Operations Manager.

As a business, we believe that setting Objective Key Results (OKR’s) that are both ambitious and verifiable are a great way to effectively support Business Strategy.

If you want to learn more about OKR’s and how they could identify potential opportunities in your business, check out our OKR Vs KPI  blog.

Leaders’ Summit

Leaders Summit (NZ)

Rebecca Crompton (Bec) is excited to be invited to be an opening speaker at the Health & Safety Leaders’ Summit in Auckland on 27-28 April.

Bec will be expanding on previous Balanced Scorecard OKR vs KPI  webinars to outline reliable methods of measuring health & safety performance informed by research and evidence related to resilient performance.   

Dates for the Diary

Hear are a few exciting dates for the diary in 2023!



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