June News: Agile Health & Safety Strategy

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Strategy at Speed

Agile Health & Safety Strategy 2022-23

To take advantage of the strategic benefits of speed, organizations need to marry fast strategy to fast execution.

In a tempo-driven organization, everyone’s attention is focused on the strategic Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and how to achieve them effectively at speed.

For more information refer to our Agile Health & Strategy blog or download our OKR template by clicking below.

Sacrificing Safety. When the strategy goes wrong.

Grosvenor coal mine explosion in Queensland in 2020

When the strategy goes wrong.

Anglo American’s Grosvenor coal mine explosion in Queensland in 2020 is ultimately attributable to overwhelming production pressures. Underground coal mining is a particularly dangerous activity, requiring delicate engineering judgements to manage a variety of hazards in an ever-changing geological environment. These judgements need to be protected from commercial pressures.

However, Anglo had set production targets and provided incentives to reach and exceed these targets, which inevitably corrupted judgements about how to produce coal safely. The Grosvenor explosion demonstrates how disastrous these targets and incentives can be in highly hazardous environments.

Sacrificing Safety draws on the Board of Inquiry Report into the Grosvenor accident, and also on insights from other hazardous industries, particularly the oil and gas industry. The author was originally appointed to the Board of Inquiry, but withdrew, in circumstances that are explained in an appendix.

Source: wolterskluwer

For more information, refer to Professor Andrew Hopkins new book
Sacrificing Safety: Lessons for Chief Executives

Critical Controls

Critical Controls in Mining & Quarrying Industry

On 10 June 2022, Mark Wright Managing Director ad FEFO Consulting was asked to present at the annual Quarrying & Mining Safety & Health Conference in Brisbane co-hosted by the Institute of Quarrying Australian (IQA) and Resources Safety & Health Queensland.

Mark shared learning on Critical Control Effectiveness, making reference to several case studies, international leading practices and simple solutions for developing businesses.

To find out more about FEFO Consulting Critical critical control services, refer to our Critical Control blog.

To obtain a copy of the Quarrying & Mining Safety & Health Conference presentation on Critical Control Effectiveness, contact us.

Meet the Team

Rebecca Crompton

We are please to announce the appointment of Rebecca Crompton as a Director at FEFO Consulting.

Rebecca’s core capabilities are in strategy, leadership development, management systems, critical risk management, contractor management, and critical incident response.

Rebecca has previously held head of health and safety roles with publicly listed organisations and worked directly with boards and senior executives to deliver simple, targeted initiatives to improve health and safety outcomes.

Rebecca’s experience extends across a diverse range of projects and clients across multiple high risk industries including Construction, Telecommunications, Mechanical Services and Petrochemical.

Dates for the Diary

Training: Develop and deploy an effective WHS Strategy – contact us to learn more

Training: Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation Tips – contact us to learn more

Training: Mental Health case investigations – contact us to learn more

Training: WHS Director & Officer Due Diligence – contact us to learn more

Conference:Miner Health & Wellbeing 2022 Conference 25-26 October:

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