Contractor Safety – How much is too much?

FEFO Consulting recently is introducing new contractor safety assurance services to assist clients with ensuring effective procurement of services. To support these services, we are leading a 5-part webinar series on contractor safety in partnership with myosh.

The 5-part webinar series covered:

  1. Selecting & Engaging Contractors
  2. Mobilising Contractors
  3. Managing Contractors
  4. Verifying, Learning & Improving
  5. Contractor Safety Technology

Typical Contractor Safety Performance Dashboard Results

5-Part Webinar Series: Contractor Safety

How much influence and control is reasonable when managing contractor health and safety?
Managing health and safety when contracting is not black and white. In fact, there are different risk profiles, different contract types and stakeholder requirements.

This webinar will outline obligations, threats and opportunities when managing contractor health and safety.
Contractor management can be complex and a burden for multiple stakeholders if not deployed effectively. Conversely, simplifying contractor management based on risk can provide huge amounts of opportunity to reduce compliance burdens, effectively engage stakeholders, and build high-performing cultures.

Engineer and contractor shaking hands success of the project work together.

1. Selecting & Engaging Contractors

This webinar is Part 1 of 5 and will provide considerations when selecting and engaging contractors. A practical case study on considerations to get started. Join Mark Wright and Ben Kirkbride.

Key takeaways:
• Segmenting contractors
• Selecting: Tendering and other sourcing options
• Engaging: Pre-qualifying and contract agreements.

A risk-based approach to contractor pre-qualifications
Segmenting Simplify Contractor Safety

2. Mobilising Contractors

This webinar is Part 2 of 5 and will outline methods to engage contractors prior to work commencing to ensure readiness. Join Mark Wright and Laura Blampid from Skout Solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • Visible leadership: Visible leadership was the lowest scoring Health and Safety Index Leadership result in 2021. Despite this challenge, effective leadership can create far more value when mobilising contractors compared to focusing too heavily on rules and compliance
  • Labour hire: Understanding roles of asset owner, principal contractor, and other stakeholders
  • Work Readiness: Mobilisation activities based on different types of contractors.

3. Managing Contractors

This webinar is Part 3 of 5 and will outline outsourcing solutions for managing short-term high-risk contractors. Join Mark Wright and Alex Sciascia from Ventia.

Key takeaways:

  • Outsourcing vs Insourcing
  • Communicating known hazards
  • Delegations and authorities: e.g. who signs the permit?
Authorising Permits
Reasonably Relying on Contractors

4. Contractor Safety Verification, Learning & Improvement

This webinar is Part 4 of 5 and will outline how to apply critical control management and examples of how to reflect, learn and improve when working with contractors. Join Mark Wright and Amelia Simony from Spaceframe.

Key takeaways:

  • Confirming critical controls when working with contractors
  • WHS Governance and control effectiveness
  • Methods to collaborate, benchmark performance, learn and improve.
Where to focus contractor safety resources?
Aligning contractor safety assurance with objectives and resources
Using the Health and Safety Index understand contractor performance

5. Contractor Safety Technology

This webinar is Part 5 of 5 and outlined technology options with myosh.

Our Unique Assessment Method

What is your Current vs Desired State?

Not all businesses are created equal. Different industry, needs, stakeholders and capability. For this reason, we developed a flexible contractor safety assurance method to suit most organisations. 

Contractor Safety Assurance

Tips for Contractor Safety

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