August News: New Psychosocial Code and VR Training

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New Code

New Code of Practice vs ISO 45003: Managing Psychosocial Hazards at Work

In July 2022, SafeWork Australia released new Model Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards at work. This new Code of Practice outlines psychosocial factors in the workplace:

  • Design or management of work
  • Process and system
  • Working environment
  • Plant and equipment
  • Interactions, cultures, values and behaviours.

For more information on this new Code of Practice and comparison to ISO 45003, refer to our blog, ISO 45003 vs Code of Practice: Psychosocial hazards at work.

For a detailed comparison, download a copy of our Psychosocial Hazard Factsheet: ISO 45003 vs Code of Practice:

Contact us to understand more or request a demo of our Psychosocial Diagnostic (Dx) Survey.


Facilitating Safety Strategy with OKR’s

FEFO Consulting was recently engaged to assist a large organisation going through significant growth with a Health & Safety Strategy. This involved a series of site visits and workshops to engage frontline operations in the development of Objectives and Key Results Areas (OKR) and actions for improvement.  

To learn more listen to our webinar on OKR vs KPI: Measuring Health and Safety Metrics that Matter or contact us.


Virtual Reality (VR) Training

We’re excited to enter into a partnership with Australia-based VR specialists, Next World to offer the future of safety training in VR!

Next World is a Virtual Reality (VR) training ecosystem that has developed the world’s first VR Learning Management System (LMS) containing an extensive library of ready-to-go VR training. Next World’s LMS is designed around the unique power of VR, combining game-changing eye tracking technology with immersive, memorable training realities.

Meet Our Facilitators

Our Facilitators

Meet our Facilitators!
FEFO Consulting have a created a hybrid model of expert leadership facilitators and safety trainers.

Our approach provides a great cross section of talent that can support organisational development, team improvements and individual growth through coaching.

For an overview of our capability training options visit our Training page.

Dates for the Diary

Training: Leadership Development – contact us to learn more

Training: Mental Health & Wellbeing
– contact us to learn more

Training: Psychological case investigations – contact us to learn more

Training: Incident investigations – contact us to learn more

Conference: Miner Health & Wellbeing 2022 Conference 25-26 October:

For a Full list of all our training, download our training list below:

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