Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Health and Safety

Audit and Assurance Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a practice in which an organisation engages a third party to perform projects, tasks, handle operations or provide general services, e.g., subcontractors performing essential business operations in lieu of using internal staff.

While many businesses have used external service providers, including freelancers, independent contractors and large-scale third-party enterprises at some point, the use of BPO has continued to expand. 

“Thanks to its many benefits and ease of access, I believe business process outsourcing is here to stay and will be adopted by businesses of all sizes.” – Mark Thacker, President of Sales Xceleration

A recent article from Grand View Research, would suggest there is an increasing trend for businesses using BPO in the coming years.

Although outsourcing had been viewed as a way to lower costs and gain efficiencies, it is increasingly becoming a strategic tool for organisations for many others reasons, including: 

  • Speed
  • Flexibility 
  • Efficiencies
  • Specialist expertise
  • Diversity of thinking
  • More effective outcomes

Effective BPO enables organisations to focus on core business activity and strategic priorities – smarter ways to achieve effective outcomes.

Industry Leading Practices

Procter and Gamble (P&G) are world renowned pioneers of outsourcing. P&G seriously started outsourcing their Global Business Services (GBS) in 1999 – yep, last century. The P&G journey has evolved to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as bots for non-core, low-value transactional activity. 

Within the safety industry outsourcing risk, safety and wellbeing services is becoming a real option for many organisations due to skill shortages, technology enabling access external talent, and the increasing level of acceptance to work remotely “on demand”. 

FEFO Consulting continues to partner with a diverse range of organisations to provide risk, safety, and wellbeing services. Our BPO experience include large scale retained services across a range of industries and disciplines, across Australia and New Zealand, e.g. labour-hire, events & leisure, heavy industrial equipment.

  • Assurance – Independent recurring assessments 
  • Incident Response – “On call” and available to support incident response and critical incident investigations  
  • Risk Assessments – Large volume, transactional work 
  • Workshop & Training – Facilitation and training sessions. 

Outsourcing Safely: Client Interview

Interview with Trent O’Hara, Group Manager Workplace Health and Safety from Belgravia, on the benefits of outsourcing.

  1. As HSE Manager, why is a verification process important to you?

A verification process is important to ensure high standards of auditing are being carried out at local level. The verification process allows us to spend valuable time with local level managers, in supporting, training and helping managers understand how best to undertake and answer their audit questions, ensuring that the work they have done on their WHS Audits meets the benchmark standards we set for every site.

  1. You recently engaged Fefo to conduct a verification review program – what was the driving factor for this project?

The driving factor was to ensure that we reach the highest possible WHS auditing standards to ensure the safety of our staff and members of the public is at the forefront of how we operate our business.

  1. What are the key benefits of the verification review process 

The key benefits of the verification process include ensuring we meet our ISO 45001 WHS Management System Certification criteria and providing our local managers with the guidance and support necessary to understand how to correctly audit their sites and reach the highest safety standards.  

  1. Why did you engage Fefo Consulting?

Fefo Consulting were engaged as they have an outstanding reputation within WHS circles and have experience in many industries, including ours being sport and leisure management. They have excellent customer service and are really flexible with our needs and requirements to execute the program. 

  1. What are the benefits to you / Belgravia to outsource health and safety services?

The verification audit program adds to our existing self-auditing and 3rd party ISO auditing programs, which form our fortification of safety pillar system. Having an external eye to verify any gaps and issues we need to work on is a key part of the program to eliminate any internal bias. Having a trusted organisation such as Fefo Consulting overseeing our program, gives us the confidence that we are meeting our WHS legislative duties of ensuring high levels of safety within our organisation auditing operations.

Tips for Outsourcing

Here are a few tips when outsourcing health and safety activity: 

  1. Strategy – Be clear on your strategic choices to improve health & safety activity. 
  2. Segment Work – Group work into segments, e.g. strategy & innovation, core business, transaction processes, independent verifications
  3. Resourcing – Evaluate resourcing options based on capacity and capability now and in the future. Be clear on your selection criteria, e,g., share values, capacity and capability fit
  4. Measure Success Be clear on how you will measure and know your resourcing choices are successful and celebrate success!

Resourcing in 2022

Is your current risk, health and safety resource model effective and ready 2022?

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