October News: Outsourcing Health and Safety

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Belgravia Health and Leisure Group (Belgravia) is the fastest growing leisure management organisation in Australia and has over 30 years’ industry experience.

Belgravia recently engaged FEFO Consulting to provide independent verification of systems and operational activity across Australia and New Zealand, which reinforces our ability to be an additional trusted resource to compliment existing teams.

Often referred to as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), this is a method of using third-parties to add business value.

BPO’s have traditionally been used for Customer Service, Accounting, Payroll and Human Resource Management.

Trent O’Hara, Group Manager Workplace Health and Safety at Belgravia Health and Leisure Group provides commentary with an interview on his experience using a BPO for health and safety.

Refer to our recent Outsourcing Health and Safety blog post for Trent’s interview.

Critical Control Management – Unintended Consequences of Getting it Wrong!

Critical Control Management (CCM) is an internationally recognised approach for organisations to improve the management of potentially fatal and major unwanted events.

Is a CCM program relevant for you?

  • Are your metrics driving the right behaviour?
  • Are you overly reliant on injury statistics?
  • Are you focused on quantity of activity, rather than quality of controls?
  • Do your operations have a health level of chronic unease?

But where do you start?

Often organisations struggle to understand how to get started, how to deploy effective programs or avoid unintended consequences. By nature, critical controls are critical, so understanding how to manage CCM is often a key strategic priority for most organisations.

This 6-part series will provide simple and effective tips on how to deliver a CCM.

This will include case studies, shared learning, and guest speakers from several multinational organisations eg, Lockheed Martin, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) and Natural Resource Australasia.

Click here to register.

What Makes a Great Leader: Authenticity, empathy and more!

An effective safety leadership program can transform culture, drive strategy and prevent unwanted events.

The video below is 2 of a 5-part series. These five videos form the backbone of our leadership program and the ingredients to build a high-performance culture!

FEFO Consulting have a pool of great leadership facilitators who are now looking forward to COVID freedom and ready for some face-to-face facilitation time!

Contact us to discuss how we can help you measure, focus and act on creating great leaders.

Contractor Safety: How much is too much?

FEFO Consulting recently delivered a webinar with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS) on contractor safety.

How much influence and control is reasonable when managing contractor health and safety?

Key takeaways:

  • Different types of contractors
  • Segmenting contractors
  • Collaborating with contractors
  • Measuring contractor safety performance

Click here to read more about this webinar, or contact us for a free 2-hour discovery session during the month of November 2021 to assist with contractor safety and an outline of our new Contractor Safety Workbook.

Managing safety in the lead up to Christmas will be different this year… but how?

Across many industries and business sectors, the end-of-year festive season can see an increase in the risk of workplace injuries (GIO, 20201).

In recent years the causes of workplace incidents in the lead up to Christmas often include rushing, overtime, stress (work and personal) and simply not focusing on the task at hand.

This year as we get closer to the festive season, we will also be emerging from our second year of lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions. Many workers might be returning already fatigued from a second year of lockdown!

A few questions for your teams:

  • Mind on Task: How can we work with our teams to mind on task?
  • Eyes on Task: What are you doing today to keep your eyes on task?
  • Line-of-Fire: What can we do to keep on track and out of the line-of-fire?
  • Critical Few: Are you focused on the critical few – your critical controls?

How are you preparing for the Xmas rush?

Dates for the Diary

Critical Control Management (CCM)

6-part webinar series every weekly, starting 27 October.

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