August News: Benefits of an Integrated Management System

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Integrating different components of an IMS can have huge organisational benefits.

There are a few considerations when deliberating between centralised vs decentralised levels of integration.

We recently wrote an article that described the benefits of an IMS, and what an IMS looks like.

Click here to read the article.

FEFO Consulting offers free assessments to organisations considering management system improvements. If this sounds like something your organisation could benefit from, get in touch today.

Farewell to a cherished team member, Kate Power

With very mixed emotions, we would like to wish Kate Power farewell and all the best for her new adventures!

Kate has been instrumental in building a strong FEFO Consulting brand over the previous three years and will be missed by many. Her unique skills set of mental health and safety led to the creation of very strong relationships with clients, partners and our team.

There are too many achievements to list, so above is a snapshot (1 of 5 videos on our YouTube Channel) of Kate in action as part of our Safety Leadership Program.

We sincerely wish you all the best Kapow! Your legacy will continue to support our team and many others.

National Safe Work Month October 2021

What are you planning for National Safe Work Month October 2021?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Complete a Health and Safety Index survey
  • Celebrate success and recognise great performance
  • Invite a guest speaker to present to your organisation
  • Contact SafeWork Australia for a Campaign Kit
  • Start a conversation on social media with the hashtags #safeworkmonth and #ThinkWorkBeSafe

Spotlight: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Maintaining health and wellbeing in drivers working within the transport industry is essential.

Brake Global Fleet Champions have an informative fact sheet – Driver Mental Health and Wellbeing – which details the best ways to support the mental health and wellbeing of drivers.

To find out typical Health and Wellbeing outcomes, check out the above video.

We encourage you to check out the Brake website for additional free resources.

Meet the Team: Luke Nye

Luke is a driven and energetic Graduate with strong communication and problem-solving skills.

He has a broad level of experience working with Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific supporting their Critical Control Verification (CCV) program and Fatal Risk Program.

Luke has also delivered consulting services to maintain management system procedures, reporting, coaching activities, and plant risk assessments.

“Taking the knowledge from my studies and applying in practice across multiple industries has enabled me to gain invaluable experience that delivers practical solutions.”- Luke Nye

Since starting in July, Luke has been leading a national contract with a large industrial equipment company, assisting with Property Risk Assessments, providing outsourced health and safety services in New Zealand for a multi-national services company, and development management systems for small-to-medium sized construction companies.

Luke has a Bachelor, Diploma and Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety. He also holds certificates in Workplace Practices and Construction.

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