Contractor Safety Workbook

Contractor Safety Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) Health & Safety Maturity Assessments

FEFO Consulting recently launched our Contractor Safety Workbook, a step-by-step guide to managing contractor and supplier safety. Our Workbook provide a framework for taking a risk-based approach a strong justification for “simplification” to make life easier and controls more effective.

This workbook covers:

  1. Current Reality
  2. Select & Engage
  3. Mobilise & Manage
  4. Evaluate & Collaborate
  5. Learn & Improve

This Workbook “Choose Your Own Adventure” is supported by a simple self-assessment tool enabling you to understand your Current Reality vs Desired State with a selection of 5 different options based on your desired maturity level.

This covers a number of different contracting arrangements, e.g., Labour-hire, Principal Contractors, and independent contractors.

Our Unique Assessment Method

What is your Current vs Desired State?

Not all businesses are created equal. Different industry, needs, stakeholders and capability. For this reason, we developed a 5 Level maturity assessment approach, allowing organisations to set their own goals. 

“Avoid using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!”

Choose your own goals, and we tailor both the assessment and solutions to meet your needs. Based on your results, we provide unique solutions to meet your need. 

Tips for Contractor Safety

Here are a few tips when outsourcing health and safety activity: 

  1. Measure – Evaluate current performance based on your unique context (Level 1-5) to understand current vs. desired state
  2. Focus – Understand areas of focus to prioritise what is important
  3. Act Develop an action plan, identify expertise and resources needed to enable improvements that matter!.   

Contact us for a free 2-hour discovery session during the month of November 2021 to assist with contractor safety and an outline of our new Contractor Safety Workbook: A Step-by-Step resource to effectively implement contractors and suppliers.

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