Critical Control Management

FEFO Consulting was engaged by one of Australia’s largest retailers to review health and safety material risks over a 6 month period. This case study summarises our approach and outcomes.


Unclear Expectations

– Decentralised approach to manage risk
– Material risks across the Group unknown
– Expectations on critical controls unclear
– Limited visibility of critical control effectiveness.


Review of Health and Safety Material Risks

FEFO Consulting conducted a thorough review of the health and safety material risks and associated risk controls. Material risks identified included:

1. People impacted by vehicles
2. Acts of violence
3. Uncontrolled release of electricity
4. Human automation
5. Mechanical equipment failure
6. Pressurised vessel failure
7. Hazardous materials & conditions
8. Asset and fit-out integrity
9. Psychosocial
10. Falls from height.

Current vs proposed critical controls were provided with supporting Critical Control Standards, performance criteria and factsheets.


Identification of New Critical Controls

A clear set of material risks were provided with supporting critical controls and performance criteria to assist with future verification activity and assurance. As a result, the following improvements were generated:
– 41 new critical controls identified
– 16 critical controls changed to ensure they are verifiable
– On average 4 new critical controls identified / material risk.

Download our ‘Critical Risk and Control Management Roadmap’: