FAQ: Health & Safety Index

Health & Safety Maturity Assessments

Q1. What is unique about the Health and Safety Index?

1. Wholistic: Unlike traditional safety culture surveys, the Health and Safety Index covers 4 aspects in approx. 10min!
These 4 aspects include Health & Wellbeing, Safety Leadership, Safety Engagement and Safety Systems that help inform strategic choices.

2. Employee Engagement: The Health and Safety Index has an integrated set of employee engagement questions. Employee engagement is commonly used as a lead indicator to improve organisational culture, people and performance.

3. Tailored: Our solution allows for business specific demographic data to help identify hotspots and comparisons between cohorts, e.g. positions, locations, age, genders and business units. This informs strategic choices, a targeted use of resources and a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

4. Reliable: An independent empirical study by a Murdoch University PhD concluded the reliability of the Health and Safety Index was “Excellent” (r >0.9). This allows organisations to apply the Health and Safety Index with confidence, again and again.

5. Valid: Our solution has research informed questions and meaningful reports based on statistically reliable “Levers” and “Outcomes”.

6. Insightful: Receiving feedback at scale allows you to hear things, you can’t normally hear. Our impartial and expert interpretation allows you to see things you can’t normally see!

Q2. Does the Health & Safety Index help evaluate safety culture?

A: Yes, and more. The Health & Safety Index is a set of integrated questions adapted from academic research as a lead indicator to workplace culture. Our survey evaluates four key aspects:

1. Health & Wellbeing

2. Safety Leadership

3. Safety Engagement

4. Safety Systems.

Once the survey is completed a report is provided outlining areas of focus based on health and safety beliefs, values, behaviours and experience. Understanding these areas of focus, helps organisations build a high-performance culture.

Q3. Does the Health & Safety Index evaluate health and wellbeing?

A: Yes. The Health & Safety Index covers four key aspects:

1. Health & Wellbeing 

2. Safety Leadership

3. Safety Engagement 

4. Safety Systems.

We have mapped health and wellbeing questions to align with industry leading psychosocial assessment tools allowing the evaluating of Job Demands, Job Resources and Worker Outcomes. Results help inform strategic decision making to enable a psychologically safe workplace.

Q4.What is the ‘Health & Safety Index’?

The ‘Health & Safety Index’ is a simple online assessment enabling organisations measure, focus and act on valuable data that matters.

► 4 Aspects: We have designed an integrated set of survey questions to provide a holistic view covering 4 key aspects.

► 7 Dimensions: Results can be compared across your business-specific demographics and 7 drivers to measure, focus and act on areas that matter.

 1 Index: Results are consolidated to provide 1 index for tracking and benchmarking results overtime to monitor progress and build high levels of performance.

Q5. How much does the ‘Health & Safety Index’ cost?

Refer to our website for pricing and contact us.

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