Critical Control Management Case Study

FEFO Consulting was engaged by a well regarded ASX listed company to help manage fatal and catastrophic risks across their national operations. We focused on the critical few to simplify and ensure controls were effective.


Fatal Risks and Non-Compliance

FEFO Consulting was provided the following challenges:

• Reduce the risk of fatalities and catastrophic events
• Improve user experience
• Assist with legal compliance


Critical Risk Management Project

FEFO Consulting designed and delivered a Critical Control Management project, which included:

• Risk Workshops: Frontline engagement to identity critical controls
• High Risk Standards: Integration of critical controls into the management system
• Assurance: Simple methods to verify effectiveness of critical controls


A Simple Focus on the Critical Few

The outcomes of this Critical Control Management work resulted in:

• New Critical Controls: An average of 9 new critical controls for each high risk activity
• Simplification: Reduction in document size from an average of 21 to 4 pages
• Conformance: An improvement from 17.5% to 100% conformance to Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) construction requirements

To access our ‘6 Step Guide to Critical Control Management’, click on the download guide button here: