OFSC Accreditation

Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) Management Systems

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) recently awarded one of our clients Baseline Projects their accreditation to bid for commonwealth construction work greater than $4 million.

The journey of helping a client through OFSC accreditation is tough! It is well recognised achieving OFSC accreditation is much harder than ISO45001 and similar industry certifications.

Despite the hard slog, it was incredibly rewarding seeing our client Baseline succeed. When I tell this story, the first response I get is often “…who is Baseline Projects?”. Both Aaron Meharg and Dave Vella are two young Directors of Baseline with bright futures. Their personal leadership to own, develop and execute health & safety on their construction sites was amazing!

Approx 6 months prior to achieving OFSC accreditation, Aaron, the Managing Director of Baseline Projects approached FEFO Consulting hoping to gain accreditation to bid for commonwealth funded construction work. I agreed to help Aaron with hesitation, knowing how difficult the OFSC requirements are to both develop and implement. We started with a blank sheet of paper and a few months later – boom! success 🙂

This success will not only help Baseline workers safety, this is also a huge financial boost for such a young company. Once Baseline obtained their safety accreditation, they were almost immediately awarded a multimillion-dollar contract with the Australian Defence Force.

FEFO Consulting learnt plenty along the way helping Baseline. For more information refer to our Success Stories for a free guide on how to achieve OFSC accreditation.

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