Safety Product Assessments

FEFO Consulting has partnered with Paramount Safety to deliver world-class product safety assessments.

This provides an integrated approach to delivering high-quality safety products and services at speed.


Decentralised Procurement

H&M Civil deliver high risk work in complex settings that require the right selection and management of safety products, e.g. gloves, height safety equipment and other specialist Personal Protective Equipment. (PPE).
Hand and finger injuries were often the most frequent body part injured. Hand and finger injuries are often preventable through proactive strategies to select and apply the right safety products.


Safety Product Assessments

In partnership with Paramount Safety, we engaged product specialists to evaluate the specific activities and products required based on H&M Civil’s unique risk profile. This included the trial of safety products to ensure the right user experience and outcomes.


Fit for Purpose Value

As a results, we were able to match the right safety products with activity being performance to ensure items were fit-for-purpose. Leveraging the buying power of Paramount Safety, we also saved money and added real value. A WIN-WIN!

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