Safety Culture – Transforming Teams

FEFO Consulting was engaged to complete a review the Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) function of NSW Government Department of Planning & Environment.

Various aspects of safety culture and teamwork were evaluated and reassessed after 12 months. The results demonstrated a remarkable step change and safety culture and team performance.


Culture and Team Performance

• Team design did not align with stakeholders, activity & locations
• Job design not aligned to work
• Accountability, trust and morale was low


Case for Change & Team Re-design

• Safety team assessment
• Recruited 17 new roles, including a new WHS Director
• Right people, Right place!


Performance Improvement

• WHS Function Overall Performance up 39%
• Greater operational presence up 50%
• Team Engagement & Motivation up 37%
• Team members willingness to call out unproductive behaviour up 36%
• Team role clarity up 27%

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